Our mission

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Our mission is simple, and our message is universal. We live in a world where differences are often perceived negatively resulting in bullying, misunderstanding, and alienation, all things that work against bringing us together. We believe that showing aloha, the Hawaiian word encompassing love, peace, and compassion, has the power to break barriers of race, exclusion, and gender inequality, making space for the creation of some beautiful and unexpected connections. Through the gifting, donning, and sharing of our products, we aim to radiate the powerful message of “Aloha for Everyone” to reach all ends of the world.

As our message spreads to people of different backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, we wish to sustain this cycle of goodwill and positivity by donating ten percent of every purchase to support non-profit groups like Youth With a Mission and Surfing the Nations who carry the message of unconditional love all over the globe. With every purchase from our store, you are personally helping to engender action around this important message, and we could not thank you enough! We are thrilled to be on this mission with you!